AI is becoming increasingly present in our daily lives and will be an important part of societal development. In order to successfully develop your business with the help of AI, the knowledge and understanding of opportunities and challenges in the field must be broadened. Together with AI Sweden, we now offer targeted training in AI.

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AI and leadership

We want to drastically increase the pace of implementation of AI in the Swedish private and public sectors. To succeed in this, we need to increase the level of knowledge in all parts of the organizations.

Therefore, Humantech and AI Sweden are launching the AI and leadership program, where participants will gain valuable knowledge through online lectures and networking. 

This program aims to support the participants in their mission of introducing and integrating AI as a value-adding technology in their organizations. During the program, the participants will meet people relevant to the AI ecosystem. 

The program will focus on questions connected to Change in the organizations, value-adding use cases, and culture.

The program modules

1. Embarking on the AI Journey and key roles

2. How to succeed with the organizational change toward applied AI 

3. Creating business value through business understanding 

4. What to consider during a use case assessment 

5. The data & operationalization challenges 

6. Regulations and the law 

7. Change management and organizational cultures


During 2023-2024 we are targeting students in all the Swedish vocational schools. This adds to the potential of giving students competitive advantages in their professional lives and also accelerates the usage of applied AI in Sweden.

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